Online medical consultation

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Online medical consultation

Need to consult a doctor, but no time for office visit?

Take an advantage of the remote consultation via the Internet!

EMC offers two options for remote consultations:
  • Video-online consultation: the specialist provides recommendations on the available results of examinations and reports after the contact with the patient.

  • Written opinion: doctor's recommendations based on the review of medical documentation sent in advance.

ONLINE medical consultation capabilities:
  1. To obtain «alive» specialist’s answers to a burning question concerning the state of health.

  2. To obtain an interpretation of examination results.

  3. To obtain a written summary on the remote oral consultation.

  4. To get a second opinion from leading EMC’s experts as well as experts from the United States, Western Europe, Israel and Russia.

ONLINE medical consultation ADVANTAGES:
  • Convenience: the possibility to obtain a specialist’s opinion without visiting the clinic (at home, at the office, on a business trip or vacation, from another city);

  • Active dialogue with the specialist, an opportunity to discuss and clarify the details;

  • Confidentiality. Use of proprietary reliable data and information stores as well as secure link.

  • You should prepare and submit your medical documents in advance (e.g. via e-mail) to ensure that the consultation was productive.

Please click here for the price of the online medical consultation.

The service «online medical consultation» is available for the following areas: 

 HOW TO GET TO ONLINE medical consultation*
  1.  Click the "book a consultation" and fill in the application form. First of all we ask you to verify your phone number - you will receive an SMS with a code after filling the field "Phone"; you should enter it into the required field of application form. We also ask you to read and understand the terms of the Agreement, upon which this service is provided.

  2. Consultation is only possible after acceptance of the terms of a contract-offer by the patient (when filling in electronic application on the website or on paper during the office visit).

  3. Your request will be sent to assistants of the clinic, who will contact you by phone to agree consultation format, date and time.

  4. We kindly ask you to pay the service after the appointment is made via your Personal account at EMC website (doctor’s assistant will sent you a password). The cost of the service.

  5. Once payment confirmation is received, the doctor's assistant will send you a personal link for connection, username and password, and will remind you the date and time of the session. 

  6. You will get in touch with a specialist at the appointed time. We will send you a brief summary of the conversation with the conclusions and suggestions of your consultant following the consultation.

*This service is non-medical. On-site visit is needed to obtain any medical disposal and recommendations.

** Technical requirements for remote consultation.


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Шубина Анна Владимировна
Physician of superior merit
ГИБАДУЛИН Наиль - хирург профессор, д.м.н.
Professor, Dr. Habil. Med.
Doctor of the highest category

Наши специалисты

Шубина Анна Владимировна
hematologist. Physician of superior merit
ГИБАДУЛИН Наиль - хирург профессор, д.м.н.
SURGEON. Professor, Dr. Habil. Med.
Dermatovenerologist. Doctor of the highest category
SLIVKO Mikhail

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