Nursing care at home

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Nursing care at home

An experienced visiting nurse for care, attention and help can have a significant positive impact on the patient's path to recovery.

Professional nursing care has the ability to find an individual approach to each patient, ensuring flawless execution of all medical prescriptions and helping facilitate the full range of necessary treatments prescribed by a physician.

Professional nursing care is a guarantee that in the absence of a patient's relatives, there will always be someone near to help in any situation.

The care of a skilled nurse may be relevant:

  • for people with cancer;

  • during the postoperative period;

  • while recovering from injuries;

  • after a stroke;

  • after suffering a myocardial infarction or heart problems;

  • with various nervous or mental disorders;

  • for patients who temporarily cannot care for themselves;

  • for the elderly.


Our professional nurses:

  • know the main symptoms of illnesses, their causes and treatment methods, enabling them to maintain contact with the required specialist at the clinic;

  • depending on the condition of the patient and physician's instructions, can make an individual plan of nursing care;

  • can perform medical manipulations as prescribed by the physician;

  • are continuously with the patient, constantly monitoring his condition (temperature, heart rate, respirations, blood pressure, blood glucose, etc.), medications and promptly react to any possible undesirable changes;

  • keep records of daily patient monitoring.


The Nursing Service at EMC consists exclusively of highly qualified specialists who constantly improve their professional qualifications.

The clinic takes responsibility for the care each specialist provides, and we are confident that you will have no reason to doubt the quality of our work!

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