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Medical certificates

Оформление справок и документов в EMC

Medical examination for the FMA approval

In accordance with Russian federal laws, medical examination and federal certification are required for successful approval of work permits and temporary or permanent residency on the territory of the Russian Federation. A medical examination confirms the absence of contagious diseases caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) or addiction to prohibited narcotic substances specified by the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation and the Federal Migration Agency (FMA). All certificates are issued on paper or in the form of electronic documents.

The European Medical Center offers an examination process that provides timely medical testing and certification. The EMC medical examination is valid for the FMA approval:

1st Day.

  • Patients are tested for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis and traces of prohibited narcotic substances. Testing is performed at the certified lab, as well as in GEMC's own in-house laboratory.

  • Diaskintest and Chest X-Ray/CT scans are performed. These procedures allow TB diagnostics.

  • Examination by medical specialists:

  • Dermatologist: skin examination to rule out infectious diseases.

  • Psychiatrist–Narcologist: mental health and drug addiction check up.

3rd Day.

  • Based on Diaskintest (visually accessible in 72 hours) and X-Ray/CT scan results, the last medical specialist, a phthisiatrician, conducts TB screening.

  • On the same day, EMC issues 2 federal certificates, which verify successful completion of all tests.

Advantages of medical examinations at EMC:

  • All tests and check ups by medical professionals are conducted in one place (Orlovsky pereulok bld. 7, Moscow).

  • Freedom of communication: medical personnel and doctors speak various languages.

  • Completion of medical screening takes the shortest time possible. In 72 hours you receive a complete document package.

  • Issued certificates are accepted for successful registration at FMA.



1. Do I have to undertake the medical examination to receive a necessary document package for Federal Migration Agency?

- Yes, if you plan on staying in Russian Federation for longer period than 6 month.

- Yes, if you plan to receive a work permit on the territory of Russian Federation.

- Yes, if you plan to receive a permit for a temporary or permanentprecedency on the territory of Russian Federation.

2. I am a student, starting education in Russian university. Do I need to undertake the medical examination to receive a necessary document package for Federal Migration Agency?

- Yes.

3. Who did establish the necessity and the order of this medical examination?

- Necessity, order, validity of the lab approved by the state, list of tests and medical specialists necessary- all were established by the federal law in force.

4. Are all of the hospitals and medical centers valid for providing this particular medical examination?

- No. Only hospitals and medical centers officially approved and licensed by the Federal Migration Agency and linked to a validated state lab are permitted to perform such a medical examination.

EMC is an approved and licensed medical facility to perform this examination. 
License number: 
ЛО – 77-01-005971 
ОГРН 1027739031418


5. The EMC consists of several hospitals. Is it possible for me to pass this examination in each of your medical facilities?

- No. Medical examination for receiving a necessary document package for Federal Migration Agency is only performedin one place. This medical facility is located at the following address:

Orlovsky pereulok, bld. 7, Moscow.

This condition is determined by the necessity of complete functioning and safeguarding the process.

6. The Russia is a completely unknown country to me. I do not speak Russian. 

What should I do?

- This is not a problem. The EMC's medical personnel and doctors speak on various of languages.

7. What procedures and medical specialists do I have to pass in order to receive an approval from Federal Migration Agency?

On the first visit to the EMC all patients pass the following procedures:

- Blood tests for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis*. There is no need to be on an empty stomach at the time of procedures. Food consumption does not affect the results.

- Test determining traces of illegal drug substances in urine.

- Diaskintest. This particular test allows TB discovery on the earliest of stages.

- Chest X-Ray/CT Scan.

- Medical examination by two medical doctors: Dermatologist and Psychiatrist - Neurologist.

* - Similar test results acquired earlier outside the EMC cannot be utilized in the process. This condition is determined by the necessity of all the biomaterials to be analyzed at federal state approved and validated laboratory.

Chest X-Rays and CT Scansacquired earlier outside the EMC can be used in the process in case of being performed no longer than 3 month until the time of this examination.

In 3 days all of the patients return for the second visit to the EMC for the examination by the last medical specialist - phthisiatrician. This condition is determined by the fact that this specialist, aside from a chest X-Ray and CT Scan, bases the diagnostics on the result of diaskintest, its result is visually accessible in 72 hours.

Same day all of the patients receive necessary document package: two validated certificates by federal state, all the test results and reports issued by medical specialists and the lab:

- First certificate confirms that all of the test results are normal.

- Second certificate confirms that the examination by all of the medical specialists yielded normal results.

Issued medical certificates are enough for successful approval by the Federal Migration Agency.

Only one single certificate with the unique number is allowed to exist on the territory of the Russian Federation.

It is possible to acquire 2 more certificates with different numbers. The issuing process and price are stated in the official EMC price list.

- Issued certificates are in force and valid for the 3 month since the time of medical examination.


8. What are the personal identification documents and other papers necessary for the first visit to the EMC?

- Passport with valid visa.

- Valid permit for the temporary residency on the territory of the Russian Federation (If applicable).

- Your previous medical records. (If applicable).


9. What is the price of this medical examination at the EMC?

- Initial medical examination – 422 euro.

- Procedure of issuing additional certificates. The following price is for a single additional issue of two certificates– 216 euro*.

10. Can I continue my health care in the EMC?

- Yes, absolutely.

We offer full, complex medical care:

  • Impeccable quality.
  • Speed and responsiveness.
  • European and American medical protocols and codes of conduct.
  • Careful, diligent and trustworthy medical professionals of the highest level.
  • Cross-disciplinary health care. Medical professionals from every field of expertise. All in one place.
  • State of the art medical equipment for diagnostics and surgery.
  • Surgery in the EMC - any kind and complexity.
  • Robot assisted surgery. 
    (Utilization of Deviance medical robots).
  • Modern hospitals.
  • ЕМС – 3 multifunctional clinics situated in the heart of Moscow.
  • ЕМС Children Hospital– Modern, multifunctional clinic created specifically for the need of your children.
  • Modern European dental care. Therapy, surgery, orthodontics, prosthetics, implants of any kind or complexity.
  • EMC in-house laboratory. Biomaterial study of any kind and complexity.
  • EMC as a guardian of health serving you and your family – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


* - Filing an application for further certificates issuing later than in 30 days from the time of your medical examination - considered to be invalid. For the certificates’ period of validity please see section 7.


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