The genetic screening program

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The genetic screening program

A personal map of your health

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Genetic screening

The program of genetic screening is an investigation of more than 500 000 genome sites in order to obtain maximally detailed information on innate features of the body.

Underwent the program of genetic screening in EMC, you get a detailed genetic passport, which includes characteristics of health as well as personal features, creativity, level of physical endurance and other characteristics specified by genes.

Within the program you get an extended consultation of general practitioner or a genetics specialist who interprets the results of the investigation in detail and provides you with personal recommendations on lifestyle correction, diet, vitamin and minerals supply, physical activity and makes a plan of diagnostic investigations and specialists’ consultations in order to prevent development of diseases, that you have predisposition for according to the results of screening.

Genetic screening

Based on your DNA study we work out a personal plan on life quality improvement for active longevity

The program of genetic screening costs 695 EUR*. We offer a 20% discount for our services on doctor prescriptions for patients who underwent the program of genetic screening.

We use the method of genotyping with use of high-density arrays Illumina and special scanner Illumina iScan with accuracy of 99.9%.

All results undergo several levels of quality control from sample collection till additional verification of the results by the genetics specialists.

  • Saliva sampling is carried out in the clinic
  • Duration of the investigation is up to 90 days


1 EUR = 1 EUR according to the Central Bank rate at the day of payment

Results of the genetic screening

Information that you obtain as a result of the genetic screening:


  • Carrier of more than 100 hereditary diseases, that you can transfer to your children
  • Risks of development of multifactorial diseases (cardio-vascular, endocrine, intestine diseases etc)
  • Reactions on certain medication


  • Metabolism features
  • Alimentary habits, specified by genetics
  • Nutritional intolerance (alcohol, caffeine, gluten, lactose)
  • Particular properties of certain vitamin and mineral assimilation
  • Individual recommendations on healthy nutrition and vitamin and mineral supply


  • Ability of the body to adapt to weight load
  • Potential for muscle mass gain
  • Physical endurance: the effectiveness of aerobic exercise and heart muscle contraction force
  • Insulin sensitivity after exercise and lactic acid blood level
  • Trauma risks while exercising
  • Recommended kinds of sports


  • Paternal and maternal haplogroups
  • The map of migration of distant ancestors
  • Percentage of Neanderthal genes in your genome


  • Ear for music, mathematic aptitude, certain smell and taste perception – learn which of your features were specified by genes

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