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Total knee replacement


My mom suffers from gonarthrosis for the past three years. Despite treatment by injections the pain is still present. MRI revealed a meniscal tear in the posterior horn, the presence of small bony osteophytes on the patella, a small amount of fluid in the joint cavity (signs of exudative synovitis were detected) joint space is asymmetrically narrowed in the medial segment. The pain is ongoing but the knee remains flexible. Tell me, please, whether the surgery is contraindicated for meniscal tear in case of arthrosis? Is it possible to do an arthroscopic surgery on the meniscus in our case or it should be «major» surgery? And what would you advice concerning knee replacement for the patient in the age of 57? What is the life time of the artificial joint?

Карданов Андрей Асланович – хирург-ортопед-травматолог ECSTO. Альтернативный метод лечения заболевания во втором мнении.
Deputy Chief Doctor ECSTO, Orthopaedist Surgeon

It is necessary to make an X-ray of the knee in direct projection in standing position. If it turns out that there is no medial cartilage in the medial area, then the knee replacement is the only solution. The age of 57 is normal for the prosthetics. Modern artificial knee joint (when properly placed of course) will serve for a lifetime. You can make an appointment via phone +7 (495) 933-66-44.

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