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Severe cervical dysplasia


I have a transplanted kidney and I was recently found to have severe cervical dysplasia. The biopsy results are not yet back, but the physician says I must have my uterus and cervix removed. My question is: Can I have the operation in your clinic?

NOSOV Vladimir
Obstetrician and gynecologist, oncologist

For severe cervical dysplasia, usually cervical conization is sufficient. If you have no plans for reproduction, or you already have children, then theoretically you can discuss having a laparoscopic removal of the uterus and cervix, but these decisions should not be made through correspondence. If you have a referral for an operation in the city where you live, and have the opportunity to come to Moscow, come for a free consultation using "Second Opinion" promotion. If necessary, we can quickly provide operative treatment at a discount.

Sudden rises of blood pressure


How to stabilize sudden rises of blood pressure, accompanied by nausea and vomiting in a patient with chronic hypertension (it is not always clear what comes first - nausea and vomiting and, as a consequence, the blood pressure increase, or Vice versa).

Игнатьева Оксана Алексеевна - кардиолог клиники сердца и сосудов ЕМС. Холтер ЭКГ при перебоях в работе сердца.
Cardiologist, head of clinic of cardiovascular diseases, specialist in echocardiography and functional diagnostics

An adjustment of appropriate permanent antihypertensive therapy is required for blood pressure to be stabilized. It is best to schedule a consultation with the cardiologist and undergo heart ultrasound, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and ECG. You can make an appointment by phone +7 (495) 933-66-55. Specialists of the Cardiology Department will be happy to help you.



Extrasystoles appeared on my husband’s ECG following smoking cessation. He has a serious intension to undergo a thorough examination. What kind on up-to-date methods are used in your clinic?

Дягилева Мария Владимировна - кардиолог клиники сердца и сосудов ЕМС. Суточная регистрация электрокардиограммы.

EMS offers the most up-to-date methods of examination for your husband to clarify the nature of arrhythmias. ECHO-cardiography, 24 hour Holter monitoring ECG, loading tests, and, if needed, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring as well as all laboratory tests are available at EMC’s cardiology department. There is an option to undergo a comprehensive examination under the program "Health Status after 40", which includes specialists' consultations, diagnostic laboratory and instrumental tests. We will be happy to help you. You can make an appointment by phone +7 (495) 933-66-55.

How to stop dreaming?


Can you tell me if there are any medications that stop a person dreaming? I have been dreaming constantly for a long time, and the dreams are always vivid and emotionally charged. I wake up tired, not wanting to do anything, and I feel only lethargy and apathy. I live in another city.

Ривкина Наталья Михайловна - психиатр, психотерапевт клиники психиатрии и психотерапии ЕМС. Поддержка пациентов с онкологией репродуктивной системы.
Psychiatrist and psychotherapist, Head of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Clinic

We have all the tools for an accurate, comprehensive diagnosis, and medical treatment of such conditions, as well as psychosocial rehabilitation, which is critical for returning to an active lifestyle. The support program includes modern methods of diagnosis, regular professorial meetings, and comprehensive psychological and neurocognitive support. Unfortunately, all the necessary diagnostic and therapeutic interventions can only be done with the patient being present at the Clinic. We are ready to welcome you to the EMC. Inpatient and outpatient psychiatry clinics operate within the multidisciplinary hospital, which creates the most comfortable conditions for patients.

Laser surgery for removal of varicose veins


Does you clinic offer laser surgery for removal (or correction) of varicose veins on the legs? I would like to learn about both the aesthetic and medical side of the issue.

Our clinic performs the most common and advanced methods of varicose veins’ treatment. This includes classic phlebectomy, injection sclerotherapy, and foam sclerotherapy (the most common method of treatment in Europe). The method of treatment depends on certain medical conditions. If the disease manifests itself as small spider veins, the laser correction could be performed by a surgeon-phlebologist or a dermatologist. But each case is always individual. You need to make an appointment for a consultation to discuss all the issues in more detail.

Benign disease


I have a benign lump in one breast size of 12.0*9.9 mm. Puncture or a biopsy will be done next week. I was told by mammologist that surgery is needed. As far as I know, concerning the surgery, axillary lymph nodes are to be removed together with the tumor. I also know that in Europe lymph nodes are testes for specific markers and only affected ones should be removed; if lymph nodes are no affected, they are not to be dissected and the surgery is minimally invasive. So what is your approach? Does it make sense to do it or you have the same methods and the same equipment?

Surgeon, oncologist, radiologist

If histological examination of the sample reveals fibroadenoma of basic type or tissue hyperplasia without atypia, or nodular type fibrocystic condition of the breast tissue, the question of surgical treatment should not arise. If biopsy reveals giant fibroadenoma sectoral resection is indicated, i.e. mass excision within the healthy tissues and lymph nodes will be removed. In case of non- benign histological result, i.e. carcinoma is detected, subsequent immunohistochemical examination is required as well as a clinical oncologist and surgeon consultation; and the decision on complex treatment will be taken by case management team. With regard to the diagnosis and treatment methods in our center, each case is addressed individually. Sometimes we remove a benign area (for example, the area of hyperplasia with atypia) using the vacuum-needle technique through 3-4 mm incision. As for the surgical procedure protocols for benign breast tumors, benign simple fibroadenoma is not removed in America, Europe, Israel, etc. I would like to discuss your case with you in more details and perform some additional tests if needed, so I would be glad to see you at EMC’s Breast center.

Сhronic nonspecific spondylitis


Can we go to your center in the following case: the patient born in 1955. Diagnosis: chronic nonspecific spondylitis T7-T9. A state after interbody fusion T7-T9 with autologous bone. Brown-Sequard's syndrome. Right thoracotomy with interbody fusion using autotransplantation (resected rib) was done in 2010, no bone block formed during the postoperative period. Transpedicular fixation T 5-6-10-11 was also done in November 2010. There was a primary healing on the wound as a result of treatment. He was able to sit and stand as well as stay in upright position up to 2-3 hours. At the moment, mobility is restored, able to walk and sit. But pain is still present. Can we expect further surgical treatment and rehabilitation at your center?

DERLON Jean-Michel

In this case surgical care rendered fully, but it is hard to say more without images. If pain is still present, it is necessary to look for the cause of this, but it may be in the early postoperative period. You can contact us for a consultation to clarify the nature of the disease.

Cancer of the thoracic spine


I have cancer of the thoracic spine. According to the MRI, I have wedge-shaped vertebrae, and small fractures in some places, with the absence of normal bone. Is it possible to undergo a vertebroplasty if the lumbar region is also affected? Will the lumbar vertebrae be able to support the thoracic vertebrae after this procedure?

It is necessary to analyze the MRI scans in this case. Metastatic vertebral bodies are treated with radiation and chemotherapy according to our principles. Vertebroplasty is possible, but it is difficult to say anything specific without seeing the scans.

Tumor in the breast


I’ve had a tumor in the lower part of my right breast and a metastasis in the left lymph node removed in 2011. I then had a recurrence in the upper quadrant of the right breast. But the doctors didn’t immediately react to this, even though I told them that I was experiencing some discomfort. After this I had biopsies under ultrasound guidance at several medical centers, but I keep getting a completely different diagnosis everywhere I go. I still haven’t received any treatment. Test results are good. The metastasis is not growing but just sitting there. They’ve suggested a mastectomy. What’s the point? I don’t want to undergo chemotherapy. I’m on a raw food diet. I don't know what to do. I wish at least one of the diagnoses was confirmed. I want to be sure that I’m getting the right treatment. Because it’s the doctors that have brought me to this situation, even though I’ve had regular screenings for the past 25 years.

Before answering any questions regarding treatment, it is necessary to carry out a successful biopsy under ultrasound or X-ray guidance, to obtain multiple tissue samples (not cells) with subsequent histological and immunohistochemical analysis. Only then can we discuss a specific treatment plan! In any case, EMC staff are always ready to provide advice and carry out the necessary diagnostic tests. Best regards, Irina Vassilieva — M.D, radiologist, Head of EMC Breast Clinic

Hernia-related pain


Hello, I had hernia-related pain about one month ago. With abrupt leg and foot movements, I experience pain in the cervical segment of the spine, radiating into my arm. MRI test result: degenerative-dystrophic changes of the cervical segment, spondylosis, osteophytosis of C5-C6 segment, posterior hernia of C4-C5 segment with a tendency to sequestration. Could the hernia growth be stopped? What do I do?

If the MRI data shows a disk protrusion (small hernia) which does not cause dural sac compression and you have no clinical manifestations of the disease, you need to undergo physical therapy and therapeutic physical training aimed at strengthening the muscles of the cervical segment of the spine. In order to make the decision, you must make an appointment and show the MRI results to a neurologist or neurosurgeon, who will give you recommendations for further action. You can get all necessary assistance at our center.

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