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I am 19 years old, professionally engaged in weightlifting. I did an arthroscopy of both knee joint a year ago, now feel pain in them and it prevents me from training at full capacity. I visited a traumatologist, and «osteoarthritis of 1 degree» was diagnosed. Could you advise me some medicines or anything else to relief the pain? Thank you very much for the answer!

Афанасьев Алексей Павлович - хирург-ортопед-травматолог ECSTO. Консультация «Второе медицинское мнение».
Traumatologist and orthopedist

First of all you should undergo an MRI and find out what was done at arthroscopy; if it’s really an arthrosis of 1 degree, hyaluronic acid injections are possible and physiotherapy is not required. Anyway, you are always welcome to consultation for thorough examination.

Emergency's Working Hours


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Both knees


I would like to get MRT and diagnosis for my knees. Left has old trauma and right is hurting now permanently. An English or German speaking doctor would be an advantage. KR Florian

Dear Florian. Be sure you'll get all the answers for your questions. We have MRI and English-speaking staff including knee surgery specialists. Our assistants will contact for further instructions. Kind regards.

How to lose weight correctly


I am 53 years old, my weigh is 116 kg. In 1988, my metabolism was probably, disturbed following the first childbirth. I gained weight, and since then I have been trying to fight with it periodically. I eat a lot of sweets however glucose is now normal and it always was. With age, my legs and back started to hurt me, it is hard to “move” myself. I have undergone an examination in the district hospital, but nothing special was found. What tests and examinations I should bring to the doctor to get a diagnosis and treatment? Thank you!


Unfortunately, doctors not always can find the cause of excess weight. But this does not mean that there are ways to deal with it. Of course, it is not easy, but you definitely should try! At the first consultation it is desirable to have blood tests results, obtained no more than 6 months ago, total cholesterol, glucose, glycated hemoglobin. Notes in the diary of blood pressure for 1-2 weeks are also important. Most likely, the doctor will arrange some additional examinations at visit, but everything is very individual and it's better to discuss all details with the doctor personally. You surely have to bring the results of previous all examinations with you.

Baby teeth - treat or not?


Baby teeth do not need to be treated, because they will drop out in any case - is it true?

If the teeth are not cleaned properly white carious spots will appear underneath the soft plaque. This initial stage of decay is reversible: with proper hygiene the stain will gradually fade. The next stage is when the defect appears: the integrity of the enamel (the outer shell of the tooth ) is broken and a cavity appears in the tooth . From this moment caries begins to develop more rapidly since the dentin (the hard tissue of the tooth located under the enamel) is less dense than enamel, and it becomes difficult to clean the teeth properly. If microorganisms get into the cavity of the tooth where the nerve passes, this will cause pulpitis - inflammation of the pulp of the tooth (the pulp consists of blood vessels and nerves), which may be accompanied by pain, but in the milk teeth is usually asymptomatic. Pain may occur later, when the nerve has died completely and infection occurs outside the tooth - in the bone. In addition to pain, pulpitis is sometimes accompanied by swelling of the gums, fistulas (channels between the foci of the infection and the gum) and loose teeth . The pathological process - from the appearance of a white spot to the development of inflammation outside of the tooth root - can be fast and take a few months or last for years, depending on many factors. To avoid problems with your child’s teeth , you should visit the paediatric dentist regularly. The first appointment with the dentist should be when the child is 1.5 years old. Following on from this there should be regular check-ups every 6 months, or more frequently as directed by the doctor.

What to do first


What should I do first: Laser Fraxel and then the fillers, or Vice versa?

Dermatologist-cosmetologist, the leading specialist of the clinic

Good afternoon, Larisa. It is usually recommended to start with laser rejuvenation techniques, and then "polish" the result with hyaluronic acid injections. We invite you for a consultation. You can make an appointment by tel.: + 7 (495) 933 -66-54

Nonbacterial Prostatitis


For over a year now I have suffered with nonbacterial prostatitis. I am 65 years old and my prostate is 50 cubic cm. I have treated this every way possible to no avail. As I understand it, there are only 2 possibilities: 1) Daily painkillers and sleeping pills which leave me in a drug-induced stupor. 2) Radical prostatectomy, although I don't have cancer and my PSA is around 1. I don't live in Russia and it isn't possible to have a radical prostatectomy here. Can I have this operation in your center? Because of the severe inflammation, I can only sit and walk for limited amounts of time. I am near insane from the constant pain and sleeplessness.

As with all civilized urologists in the civilized world, we COMPLETELY remove the prostate ONLY in cases of prostate cancer. At the same time, if you would like to be seen by us for assistance, at your convenience we can examine you and treat your problem.

Rhinoplasty after 40


I would like to do a rhinoplasty, but it is said in some sources that “rhino” is not indicated after 40.

Левин Сергей – пластический хирург эстетической клиники EMC
LEVIN Sergey
Head of Aesthetic clinic in Spiridonievsky per., plastic surgeon

Good afternoon, Lydia. Rhinoplasty is allowable in your age. Dr. Levine, for example, performs rejuvenation in conjunction with rhinoplasty. The human nose grows throughout life. It becomes longer and more unattractive in adulthood. The rhinoplasty in conjunction with a facelift helps to achieve more pronounced results of rejuvenation.

Рolyp of the cervical canal


Hysteroscopy revealed a polyp of the cervical canal, it was removed, but there are plenty of micropolips. May I do IVF or they should be treated?

Вознесенская Юлия – гинеколог-репродуктолог клиники репродукции ЕМС. Клиника ЭКО.

Usually, all polyps are removed at therapeutic and diagnostic hysteroscopy. It makes no sense to leave them in the uterus cavity. I think that if manipulation such as "Hysteroscopy with separate diagnostic curettage" was done, you have no polyps now and may safely prepare for IVF.

How soon another attempt is possible?


Twin pregnancy resulted from IVF, but cervical dilatation occurred and water broke at 20 weeks, so the pregnancy was not maintained. How soon another attempt is possible?

Вознесенская Юлия – гинеколог-репродуктолог клиники репродукции ЕМС. Клиника ЭКО.

At least a year interval between childbirth and repeated IVF program is required. It is advisable to be prepared and to make every effort to get a singleton pregnancy.

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