Lump in my breast

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Lump in my breast


I have noted the lump in my breast periodically appeared following breastfeeding my first child (as a result of plugged duct). I did an ultrasound, but it revealed nothing, as if everything was normal. I knead my breast periodically and feel pain at those moments. Now I am pregnant, due date is on 20th. What should I do?? When to examine my breasts, is it possible to perform the examination during pregnancy and lactation?

Ситько Елена Владимировна – рентгенолог клиники маммологии ЕМС. Эластография.
Doctor-radiologist, ultrasound doctor, specialist in the diagnosis of breast diseases

The "lump" in the breast cannot occur after feeding, even if it was the plugged duct. You should not "knead" the breasts. If there is a problem or even if you think it is – the breast should be examined. Pregnancy and breastfeeding are not contraindications for this. Under normal conditions for pregnant women we recommend a breast examination during 1 and 3 trimester (before childbirth). There are no contraindications for breast examination in your case. You are welcome at any convenient time for examination and advice on breastfeeding.


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