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that round the clock admits patients with combined trauma of any severity, including craniocerebral trauma and trauma in children over 3 years

that conducts any operations on the brain from minimally invasive endovascular surgery till oncological surgery, including those with intraoperative radial therapy and skull bones’ prosthetic implantation

that employs navigation systems during the operations on sinuses located at the basis of the skull to exclude major structures’ injury

that provides oncological patients the full spectrum of palliative treatment, including care at home

that applies the technology of sentinel lymph node removal in breast cancer and melanoma treatment in order to avoid life quality deterioration due to multiple lymph node removal

that conducts clinical investigations in various medical fields — it allows our doctors to be at the frontline of the medical science


that elaborates the treatment plan for cancer patients in a multidisciplinary team, which implicate all the specialists, including fertility doctor if needed

that has a 24-hour radiotherapy department, which provides care for adults and children at any time without days off; the treatment can be conducted under sedation

that provides intraoperative radiotherapy in case of recurrence of a malignant tumor of the brain. This technique significantly extends life and improves life quality of patients


  • 2007 a EMC ophthalmic surgeon is the first in Russia to conduct the laser correction of the age-related farsightedness
  • 2008 a EMC otolaryngologist is the first in Moscow, who performed cochlear implantation of a Vibrant Med-El implant
  • 2012 for the first time in a private clinic of Russia, gynecological and oncogynecological operations are performed on the latest Da Vinci Si HD robotic surgical system
  • 2012 EMC opens the first private clinical laboratory of pathomorfology and citology in Russia
  • 2012 first CT/MRA guided biopsies in private practice
  • 2013 first robotic-assisted cystoprostatectomy with lymphodissection (urinary bladder and prostate removal using surgical system Da Vinci Si HD and removal of a chain of lymph nodes) in a patient with a diagnosed urinary bladder tumor
  • 2014 first total thyroidectomy (thyroid gland removal) using Da VInci robotic technology
  • 2014 first robotic-assisted hemithyroidectomy (removal of a node in the right lobe of the thyroid gland using da Vinci system)
  • 2015 2015 for the first time in Russia a neurosurgical operation is conducted to an adult using the innovational technology CustomBone, in order to eliminate a broad skull defect, caused by trauma
  • 2015 the EMC is the first non-governmental medical organization in Russia, which establishes PET/CT diagnostics department and cyclotron and radiochemistry facility
  • 2016 the novel organ preserving surgical treatment with the simultaneous intraoperative radial therapy by the Xoft system is first established for the early stage mammary cancer not only in Russia, but also in CIS countries and in Eastern Europe
  • 2017 for the first time in Russiaa a robotic-assisted surgery is conducted to a 2-year old child with hydronephrosis
  • 2018European Medical Center (Schepkina Hospital) has earned Joint Commission International’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Hospital Accreditation.

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