Pediatric express check-up in one day

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Pediatric express check-up in one day

from 01.04.2017 to 30.06.2017

Special price for the check-up is 312 units of exchange.

Check your child’s health before the summer break!

Looking after the well-being of young patients, an express examination program was developed in Pediatric clinic of EMC which will help to check child’s heath status within one day and, if necessary, to plan preventive or therapeutic measures in order to be prepared for a new year in kindergarten or school. The check-up takes several hours and includes the necessary complex of examinations and consultations, tailored to the major health problems in children.

Special price for the check-up is 312 units of exchange

Express check-up includes the following:

  • Pediatrician’s consultation
  • Ophthalmologist’s consultation
  • Orthopedist-traumatologist’s consultation
  • Complete blood count, urinalysis, blood glucose test, ultrasound examination of the abdomen, electrocardiography

Identification of gastrointestinal disorders, gallbladder abnormalities, urinary and cardiovascular system disorders prior to symptoms onset.

Based on the results of the examinations and consultations, pediatrician gives detailed recommendations on prevention, the correct day regimen, sleep and rest pattern, permitted level of physical activity, vaccination and, if necessary, additional testing or visits to specialists for treatment of identified disorders.

The results of the check-up can be used for preparation of medical documents for kindergartens, schools and sports clubs. Information is provided in a generic format and is accepted in any medical institutions in Russia and abroad.

*1 unit of exchange = 1 Euro at the exchange rate of The Central Bank of the Russian Federation on the date of payment.


Программа амбулаторно-поликлинического обслуживания для детей от 7 до 15 лет «Здоровый подросток» от ЕМС.

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