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A unique service in the EMC Dental Clinic


Cell reconstruction of gum tissue using autologous fibroblasts.

The innovative methodology allows to achieve excellent results in the treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, gum recession and other pathological conditions of the periodontal tissues. EMC is one of the first in Russia began to apply this innovative technology, the results of which exceed all expectations.

Gum diseases is one of the main causes of tooth loss. In inflammatory gum diseases bone tissue becomes degraded and dental roots turns to be uncovered. The teeth become vulnerable to all external influences: there is increased sensitivity to hot and cold food, bleeding gums, bad breath, caries of the teeth roots, not to mention serious cosmetic defect. Therefore, gum inflammation requires immediate treatment.

If the problem has gone far, complex surgical treatment with multiple incisions in the gums may be required. Scientists have found a unique way of maintaining health and recovery of the gums: cell therapy with autologous cells – fibroblasts (connective tissue cells that can make up for the tissue defects).

Collection of cells

Fibroblasts are collected from the palatal surface of the maxilla for further cultivation in a special laboratory. Under local anesthesia the doctor takes a small fragment of the gum tissue; then it is sent to a lab at the Stem Cell Institute in Moscow. When the culturing process is completed (it can take up to two months), the fibroblasts in a liquid solution in the syringes go to the clinic.


The principle of the fibroblast injection into the gum is similar to the technique of mesotherapy that is used in cosmetic practice. Fibroblasts are administered with short injections, and the procedure is painless. Triple injection of fibroblasts into gum with an interval of one week is enough. The recommended treatment course is one procedure per year.

Treatment results

All patients who underwent the procedure, noted a significant and long-lasting therapeutic effect: no symptoms of chronic inflammatory process in periodontal tissues throughout the year.

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