Training for physicians on effective communication

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Training for physicians on effective communication


On 27-28 February, Psychiatry Department of EMC Medical School carried out  a  training for physicians on effective communication  and emotional burnout prevention. The  training  involved  physicians , psychologists, volunteers and employees of charity foundations who work with terminal palliative patients and their relatives.

The  participants represented different regions, from Ulan-Ude to Kaliningrad. The event was organized by the  EMC Medical  School  and Happy World charity fund. The  training  was conducted by Natalya Rivkina, Head of the  EMC  Psychiatry  and Psychotherapy Clinic and Alexandra Yaltonskaya, PhD, psychiatrist and psychotherapist. The trust is essential in the relationship between doctor and patient. The doctor-patient relationship is a priority with the European  Medical  Center, and the specialists of the EMC Psychiatry and Psychology Clinic shared with colleagues participating in the  training , on their methods and techniques of  communication  with patients who are in an emotionally complex situation.  

The event was  held  in an interactive format with the involvement of actors. Each participant had a chance to try themselves at a complicated conversation of the doctor with the parents of the child transferred to palliative care. The training also included master-classes in techniques of emotional relaxation and psycho-emotional discharge in a long stressful situation. 

The students filled anonymous feedback questionnaires mentioning the high professionalism of the doctors who conducted training, as the training was held in the interactive, rather than in a didactic, lecture format. On our side, we, as organizers, are pleased that the students were able to learn a lot of useful things that will help them in their challenging and incredibly important work.

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