Personalised cancer check-up

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Personalised cancer check-up


Personalized oncology examination to patients who are concerned about the possible development of oncological disease, as well as to those in whose family history there are cases of oncological disease.

The importance of early detection of cancer is beyond question. It is known that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat. Where cancer is concerned - early diagnostics often means a saved life.

The principal difference of the program from traditional check-ups is that the patient is not offered with a standard set of examinations, but a personalized program designed by oncologist after a personal consultation taking into account lifestyle, health status, and family history of the patient. This enables to conduct a comprehensive examination to rule out malignant tumor and pre-malignant conditions.

«Unfortunately, the principle of «checking everything at once», which supposedly enables to answer all the questions, to detect in time any oncological disease, does not work, - explains the chief oncologist of EMC. In EMC the examinations are chosen according to age, sex, personal and family history. Many people judge from a simple idea that the best examination is for example MRI or PET-CT of the whole body, or tumor markers which are not actually used for early diagnostics. In fact, the optimal combination of diagnostic procedures for a particular patient can only be chosen by an oncologist, according to international recommendations».

EMC’s Institute of Oncology has all opportunities for screening, early diagnostics, as well as for comprehensive treatment of any oncological disease according to modern European and American protocols.

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