The newest method of prevention and early diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancers

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The newest method of prevention and early diagnosis of melanoma and skin cancers


The FotoFinder bodystudio ATBM system is now available in EMC.

Melanoma and skin cancers are common oncological diseases. They can develop from any mole. The only way to prevent cancer and detect it early is regular screening of skin lesions.

This task is ideally handled by the newest FotoFinder system - a videodermoscope with an eightfold zoom and a camera that captures impalpable lesions on the body.

As a result of the study, the doctor makes an individual map of moles, where he fixes the type and exact localization of even the smallest formations. Suspicious formations are analyzed using artificial intelligence. Maximum diagnostic accuracy is achieved through high-precision optics and dual monitoring of the doctor's opinion. The results are evaluated taking into account the international scientific and clinical experience of leading university clinics.

The pictures are taken in a polarizing light, which helps to accurately determine the distribution of the pigment, the shape and other features of the formation, leading to revealing the disease at the very early stage.

Be sure your skin is healthy!

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