New CT scanner

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New CT scanner


A new CT-scanner SIEMENS Perspective, 128 sections (country of origin - Germany) was installed in the department of radiation diagnostics of the EMC clinic in Orlovsky pereulok.

  • All types of CT scan - with or without intravenous contrasting.

  • Suitable for scanning overweight patients up to 227 kg (due to the reinforced table of the device and the wide aperture of the tunnel).

  • Metal artifact reduction program (iMAR) - for orthopedic patients with metal implants in the body.

  • Suitable for conducting low-dose scans (important in pediatrics and within screening studies).

  • More comfortable investigation due to low noise level when operating the device.

  • It is possible to conduct investigation in patients with not severe claustrophobia due to the small thickness and wide aperture of the tunnel.

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Ультразвуковое исследование (УЗИ) в отделении лучевой диагностики ЕМС.

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