Melanoma Day at the EMC

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Melanoma Day at the EMC


May 25th is the European Day of Melanoma Diagnosis, and anyone can have a free* dermoscopic examination of skin lesions in addition to any dermatologic consultation or procedure at EMC.

Oncologists and dermatologists around the world are concerned about the rising number of skin cancers in the last 25 years.  An uncontrolled enthusiasm for the popularity of sunbeds and increased sun exposure are raising the risk of skin cancer.  Eva Vasilievskaya, head of the Clinic of Dermatovenereology, Allergy,and Immunology, explains:

What is melanoma and why it is given so much attention?

EV: Melanoma is a malignant disease that affects the skin and internal organs.  Just to emphasize: In the early stages it is curable.  But it is extremely dangerous if left untreated.  Unfortunately people often go to the doctor later, when there is almost no chance for a successful outcome.  In more than 60% of cases the melanoma leads to the person's death. 

Why does this occur? Are people too frivolous?

EV: In part, people wait until the last minute to see the dermatologist, thinking the appearance of a spot is nothing serious, or some obscure growth, thinking it is a common wart or a pimple.  But even if there are no visible signs of illness, it is necessary to periodically consult with experts and undergo a complete examination using specialized equipment.  We must not forget: A melanoma, just like any malignant disease, is a cunning illness that wears many masks.  Therefore, we are holding this special event, timed to coincide with the European Day of Melanoma Diagnosis.

What does this special event include?

EV: Every patient who presents on May 25, 2015, for a consultation regarding any issue, for example manifestation of an allergy or worsening of psoriasis, will be offered a FREE* dermoscopic examination of the skin and visible mucous membranes.  All data collected during the examination will be recorded into a personal medical archive.  If a potentially dangerous mole is detected, an individual skin lesion card is created, which allows it to be followed in the future for dangerous changes.  If necessary, a diagnostic biopsy or additional treatment** will be offered to patients.

How much would this procedure cost on any other day?

EV: From 200 to 700 currency units, depending on the complexity.  But taking into consideration the enormous social significance of this project, the management of the company is prepared for such an expense on behalf of patients!  For the sake of their health and even their lives!

Are there groups of people who are particularly susceptible to this disease? In scientific terminology, are there risk groups?

EV: There are, notably groups, which coincide for risk of disease and risk of other malignant lesions; basal and squamous cell carcinomas.

  1. These are natural blonds, particularly those with blue eyes, redheads regardless of eye color, and albinos (those who lack the pigment which gives color to the skin, hair, iris, etc.).

  2. Elderly people, especially those who have survived chemotherapy or those suffering from various immunodeficiency states.

  3. Women in periods of hormonal transition, for example, during pregnancy or menopause, as well as those receiving hormone therapy.

  4. One must know that melanoma and all types of skin cancer are hereditary diseases.  Therefore all blood relatives also become a risk group with the news of disease in the family and require additional prophylaxis.

Our experts are always ready to assist in maintaining health and life!

The professionals of the Clinic of Dermatovenereology, Allergy, and Immunology at the European Medical Center are waiting for your appointment.

*The dermoscopy is offered only in conjunction with a planned appointment with a dermatologist for other complaints as an ordinary financial transaction.

**Any necessary additional studies and treatments are carried out as an ordinary financial transaction.

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