Mammography with tomosynthesis - a comment by the head of EMC Mammology Centre

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Mammography with tomosynthesis - a comment by the head of EMC Mammology Centre


According to the research carried out, mammography with tomosynthesis increases the detection rate of breast cancer by 40% as compared with standard 2-dimensional mammography. While this procedure is very effective, it is still an additional diagnostic procedure. 

The tomosynthesis technique for diagnosing breast disease at the EMC Breast Center is only applied for medical reasons. Using tomosynthesis for routine preventive monitoring is unjustified, as it increases radiation burden on the body. It is only necessary when a lump in the breast has been detected and its structure, density, and other characteristics have to be studied to identify the degree of benignancy/malignancy. We adhere to the principle of consistency-based diagnosis: only when a suspected mammogram image is obtained the breast diagnostics specialist recommends to undergo a tomosynthesis exam. In this case a woman does not need to revisit the clinic as the study will be carried out immediately. A multiple projection images technique allows to compile a 3D image, present the breast in the form of thin “slices”, scrutinize the tiniest tumors and, most importantly, not to miss cancer. 

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