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Emergency surgery at EMC


EMC has successfully performed an emergency operation for a rare condition: a ruptured mucinous tumor of the appendix.

A patient presented to the clinic with complaints of acute pain in the lower abdomen. The pain appeared three days before contacting EMC, but the patient did not seek medical help until the pain increased.

An MRI was performed on an emergency basis, which revealed a rare condition: a ruptured cyst of the appendix.

A mucocele of the appendix (mucinous tumor) is a very rare condition where the appendix turns into a cyst, the walls of which begin to manufacture mucus, which gradually fill the appendage. Because it is overfilled with mucus it may burst at any time, which can lead to mucus getting into the abdominal cavity and the development of peritonitis. Subsequently, the mucin-producing cells can implant on the surface of the peritoneum and begin to secrete mucus in large quantities (pseudomyxoma peritonei). The condition can be malignant, so not only must the appendix be completely removed, but also further observation by an oncologist is needed.

The patient urgently underwent laparoscopic appendectomy and sanitation of the abdominal cavity (within two hours of arrival), performed by surgeons Sergey Mosin and Lafishev Elmurat. During the operation a cyst measuring 2 x 12 x 15 cm was revealed with signs of rupture. The appendix was completely removed through four small puncture wounds. The histological examination of the removed appendix revealed no malignant cells, which means that the patient can expect a full recovery. Due to the patient's positive response to treatment, she was discharged from the hospital the third day after surgery.

Diagnostics and treatment of patients at EMC occurs around the clock. From the moment of admission all studies are performed as quickly as possible and the experience and expertise of our specialists allow us to identify any condition with precision, even in the most challenging clinical situations.

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