EMC visited by ambassadors from Mexico and french-speaking African countries

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EMC visited by ambassadors from Mexico and french-speaking African countries


On June 23, 2015, at the initiative of Professor Pierre Monod, head of the Center of Oncourology, employees from EMC's Urology Clinic, together with colleagues from theCenters for Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Diagnosticshad the honor of hosting the ambassadors from French-speaking African countries (Angola, Gabon, Ivory Coast and Madagascar), and a representative from the Mexican Embassy. EMC Medical Director Evgeny Avetissov welcomed the guests. 

The guests were given a welcome tour around the Centers, demonstrating the European Medical Center's diagnostic and treatment capabilities for urologic cancers.Nidal Salim, head of the Center for Radiotherapy, talked about the opportunities for treating prostate cancer with high-precision radiotherapy using RapidArc and IMRT. Our consultants, Professor D.Y. Pushkar chief urologist of Moscow and the Ministry of Health, Head of the Department of Urology at Moscow State Medical and Dental University, and lecturer A.V. Govorov, gave a short presentation about the incidence and early diagnosis of prostate cancer. Professor Pierre Monod gave a presentation about the use of robotic surgery for the treatment of early-stage prostate cancer. Guests were given the opportunity to "play" with the da Vinci surgical robot in order to demonstrate how it is capable of moving objects and performing subtle manipulations.  

The ambassadors had a very positive experience. The two hours passed quickly and guests stated what they saw on Shepkina St. was a miracle of modern medicine.

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