Breast MRI screening in 15 minutes

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Breast MRI screening in 15 minutes


New opportunities of breast cancer diagnostics in European Medical Center.

A new technique of breast diagnostics is available in EMC. It is a special short  breast MRI protocol with contrast, which allows detecting aggressive tumors of a small size with the accuracy of 99% and excluding the need of use of other methods (mammography and ultrasound).
The effectiveness of the method was confirmed during the studies, conducted by American College of Radiology.
Fast MRI is recommended as screening method for patients with familial history of disease and/or presence of genetic risk of breast cancer, but also can be performed in other cases.
Unlike conventional MRI that takes 25 minutes, screening MRI is performed in 15 minutes and this permits the method to be more available for wide use.
Furthermore, the sensibility of MRI is significantly higher in comparison with digital mammography and ultrasound, especially in young women with high breast density.
Thus, in the study published in Journal of Clinical Oncology, 11 women of 443 were diagnosed with breast cancer during MRI screening, which was not detected by prevoious digital mammography and ultrasound.


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