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Информация для пациентов EMC The European Medical Center (EMC) offers a wide range of medical services and seeks to maintain a superior level of customer service. A very important component of medical care is, in our view, to inform our patients and their families of their rights and responsibilities in EMC.


Your visit to EMC


At your first visit to the clinic we ask that you have with you a document verifying your identify and your medical insurance policy (if you have one).

On the day of your first visit, please arrive 30 minutes early for your patient treatment card to be issued and to sign the agreement for the delivery of health services.

You will be met by reception personnel who will issue all necessary documents and then a doctor"s assistant will escort you to your consultation.

At subsequent visits, we would appreciate it if you would arrive 5 to 10 minutes before your scheduled consultation. If you must cancel a consultation, we ask that you give us advance notice.

Signing the agreement with EMC

For purposes of signing your agreement for the delivery of medical services, the company has placed the Public Offer its website. Anyone who wishes to enter into an agreement submits an Customer Application for services (bill of acceptance).

After the delivery of health services, the customer signs an Act on the services provided, which is a fixed list of the services rendered. The customer retains one copy of the Act.

The customer pays for outpatient medical services provided to the patient on the day of their provision. The procedure for payment may be changed with the agreement of both parties.

An invoice is created upon checkout. After the customer makes a payment, he receives an invoice and a receipt.

The patient completes a Patient Application, in which the patient consents to personal data processing, the possibility of the transfer of personal data to third parties, the possibility of obtaining information on electronic feedback channels and consents to receive SMS-notifications.

The patient signs a general informed consent form for testing and treatment.

To simplify the procedure of completing and obtaining information in the course of service, please read the following documents: The Patient Application, including the general informed consent form for testing and treatment. The Questionnaire lists all the data necessary for registration.

Рayment for health services at EMC

Medical services are rendered for cash and according to conditions of a voluntary medical insurance policy (VMI). Cash payments are accepted only in rubles. We also accept credit cards for payment: Visa, Master Card, American Express, Maestro.

EMC cooperates with the largest Russian and foreign insurance companies. For more detailed information, please ask at the reception desk or call EMC.

EMC hours

The European Medical Center"s Department of Emergency and Urgent Care, Emergency Surgery, Traumatology, Laboratory and Radiodiagnostics work around the clock. Physician house calls and the ambulance crew can also be called around the clock. The hours of other departments and specific specialists can be verified by telephone.

Hospitalization at EMC

If you need inpatient treatment, EMC will do everything necessary to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible, not only for you but also for your loved ones.

In case of a planned hospitalization:

  1. The assistant physician who initiated the hospitalization will inform you of the precise date and time of the operation or other inpatient treatment.
  2. The physician will explain all the necessary preoperative studies. You will also have a consultation with the anesthesiologist, who will explain the methods of anesthesia indicated for your situation.
  3. During the consultation, please ask any questions that you have about the operation, its duration, the postoperative recovery period as an inpatient as well as at home, etc. Based on the results of the consultation and studies, you will be asked to sign an agreement to conduct the operation and an agreement for the administration of anesthesia.
  4. If your insurance company or your employer are paying, we will contact the company"s representatives for payment confirmation.
  5. Hospital checkout takes place two times a day: At 10:00 in the morning and at 17:00 in the evening. For checkout at 10:00 the rest of the day is not paid. For checkout at 17:00 the evening, the additional half-day is paid. For discharge after 19:00 in the evening, the entire day is paid.
  6. As an inpatient you will be offered meals 4 times a day in accordance with your doctor"s recommendations, tea, coffee, and other beverages. It is not necessary to bring with you any food or drinks.
  7. A robe, slippers, and personal care items will be offered. Each room is equipped with a TV, DVD player and Wi-Fi Internet access.
  8. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are not allowed anywhere in the hospital.

In case of an emergency hospitalization:

  1. You will always receive the necessary first aid.
  2. If you are self-pay, upon admission to the hospital you (or your relatives) will be asked to make a deposit.
  3. If your insurance company or employer are taking responsibility for the hospitalization, we will contact the company"s representatives for payment confirmation.
  4. If for some reason we are unable to contact the company, you will be asked to make a deposit, which will be returned to you after all questions with the insurance company have been settled.

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