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Veneers – a perfect smile to last many years

Veneers  – ceramic shells that are affixed to the front tooth side. Thickness ranges from 0,3 to 0,8 mm.
Lifetime up to 20 years. Veneers are placed in the smile area, which results in a fabulous smile similar to Hollywood stars. 
Veneers resemble glitter of natural teeth and bear a complete safety for patient. Color can be chosen in a custom way according to patient’s desire. 
Benefits of veneers fabricated in the EMC dental clinic
  • World-class prosthodontists who deal with aesthetic augmentation for more than 20 years.
  • Dental department of EMC – is one of the first clinics in Russia to have started providing veneers. We have accumulated a vast experience contributing to thousands of successful examples.
  • Own dental laboratory run by technician from France, Jean-Louie Cavalli, manages to deliver high-end quality veneers within the shortest possible time.   
Dentists recommend veneers in the following cases:
  • When bleaching is contraindicative
  • Alignment of dental arches, length and width correction of teeth in the smile area
  • Elimination of gaps between the teeth
  • Flaws caused by formerly done resin restorations
Fixation of veneers takes several stages.
1st stage – planning and try-in
Dentist assesses condition of teeth and mouth cavity. In case of diseases to take place, firstly treatment measures are to take, then hygiene cleaning is assigned and bleaching if necessary.
One takes cast models, which are used to shape veneers in the laboratory. Further, a patient comes for a try-in, temporary veneers are first to be adhered if no adjustment needed. Permanent veneers are fabricated in the EMC dental laboratory that does not take long. Then a try–in and fixation once again.
2nd stage – affixation
Done under local anesthesia. Dentist fixes veneers with aid of adhesive. The process takes approximately 3 hours.

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