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Courses for pregnant women: about the most valuable thing with confidence and peace of mind

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Regardless of what kind of childbirth a woman is going to have, she experiences anxiety in most cases. Birth preparation courses are designed to fill an expectant mother with peace and confidence so that she can truly enjoy her pregnancy, which is a very special period in the life.

We recommend to start attending birth preparation courses at 12 weeks of gestation. At this time, the first screening has already been completed, future mothers have already seen a small miracle on ultrasound. This is also the time when many of women dare to tell the family about their maternal condition, they come to realize what way they are going to go through before childbirth and how their life will change after.

Maternity courses can be attended both alone and with a partner. If a couple is planning a partner labour, it is especially worth doing. If the partner is not going to be during the labour, the courses can still be useful, as long as visiting the courses for pregnant jointly brings spouses together, lets paternal instinct wake up faster, allows the man to understand the woman’s body changes during pregnancy and how they affect the mood and general condition of the expectant mother.

EMC School of Moms: about the most valuable thing with confidence and peace of mind

The course is carried out by the specialist of the highest level, an expert in issues of childbirth training and management of the postpartum period, as well as a specialist in breastfeeding and management of newborns in the first month of life, midwife and professional psychologist Natalya Bykova. Having knowledge in all mentioned fields, she notices such subtleties that are invisible to other specialists.

Lessons at the School of Moms will help you feel calm and confident throughout your pregnancy, prepare for childbirth and meet with your baby.

EMC School of Moms is:

  • All that a expectant mother needs to know: physiological changes during pregnancy, premature birth, surgical labor, pain relief during labor, etc.

  • Practical exercises preparing for childbirth (strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor and the belly muscles, techniques for relaxation and rest between contractions, skills of self-regulation, relaxing breathing).

  • Your baby: the first days of life, vaccination, breastfeeding, proper care, emergency conditions, first-aid kit for a newborn, etc.

You can join the school for expectant mothers at any stage of pregnancy.

The course for pregnant women is held at Pravdy ul,15/1.

Course program

Lesson 1 - preparing for childbirth and childbirth behavior

The lesson is carried out in the training maternity room, where everything is real starting from the special transformer bed for childbirth and monitoring the condition of all vital organs and body systems and ending with special high-tech devices for the newborn.

You will experience a complete immersion in reality and work out all the stages with a specialist: from admission to the clinic to the birth of a baby, so that when the real labour begins, there will be no surprises for you. On the contrary, during the lessons you will have an opportumity to come up with your wishes for childbirth, so that on the very day we will be fully prepared for the birth of your baby to go according to the plan, calm and joyfully for you.

We will teach the partner to perform a relaxing massage to you, we will show what exercises on the fitball give an anesthetic effect, test the technique called hypnobirthing and much more. We will try relaxing on the transformer bed and make sure that lying on it is very convenient and comfortable and not scary at all. All questions that will arise during the lesson will not remain unanswered. Practical experience and complete understanding of all processes are the key to self-confident behavior during childbirth and the absence of fears.

Lesson 2 - Newborn Care and Breastfeeding

In this lesson, the specialist will tell and show everything that you will definitely need when taking care of the newborn: we will teach you how to bathe the baby correctly, take care of the umbilical cord, wisely use care products and disposable diapers. And then you will try to do all this yourself under the strict guidance of a specialist. You will also learn how much the baby needs to sleep, walk and eat, how to equip safe areas, why air baths are needed or not, what patronage of newborns is, and much more.

And the second part of the lesson, which is of great value for every expectant mother, is preparation for breastfeeding. Your baby’s health begins with breastfeeding! To have successful lactation from the first days, it is crucial to learn in advance how to attach the baby correctly to the breast, to know the various positions, so that brestfeeding will give pleasure to both the baby and the mother. You will learn whether it is necessary to express brest milk, which equipment helps and which will not. What to do if you catch a cold. The specialist will also talk about many pitfalls, knowing them will help you to avoid difficulties during breastfeeding. It is essential that the doctor will tell you not a simple theoretical part that you can meet on the Internet, but will take into consideration your case and give recommendations based on its features. After all, breastfeeding is not 3 days after giving birth, but a long period, and it is of great significance that it starts correctly.

Prices at School of Moms

A course of 2 lessons costs 550 EUR.

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