Replacement Arthroplasty in Moscow

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A total replacement arthroplasty is one of the most common surgical interventions in the clinics of traumatology and orthopedics. 
Degenerative arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis (Bekhterev disease), aseptic necrosis, posttraumatic arthrosis – all these pathologies are accompanied by joint disfunction and pain, which leads to a significant reduction in the quality of life.

Doctors recommend a total replacement arthroplasty when conservative treatment is not able to relieve the patient's condition and to slow down the disease progression.

In such a surgery, the damaged joint is replaced by an endoprosthesis made of the modern synthetic materials of high strength and durability. Metal alloys, polymers and ceramics are used in manufacturing of various components of the implants.

Doctors of European Clinic of Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics ECSTO have significant experience in the field of restoration of impared joint function. Our experts regularly perform replacement arthroplasty on knee, hip, ankle, shoulder and elbow based on the proven results of international clinical trials of the implants from leading internationla manufacturers – ZIMMER, De-Puy, Smith&Nephew, Ceraver, Implantcast, and others. 

Indications for Replacement Arthroplasty

Normally, the internal surface of the joint is covered with cartilage that allows easy gliding of the articular surfaces in movements. Synovial fluid prevents the excessive friction of the parts of the joint, and, consequently, premature «wear» lesion. Pathological changes of the synovial fluid, serious damage of the cartilage layer and cartilage «wear» lesion are signs of osteoarthritis, causing severe pain and limited mobility in patients. 

The replacement arthroplasty is indicated in most above cases to eliminate pain and restore mobility of the joint (according to statistics from the world's leading replacement arthroplasty centers).

At consultation, at ECSTO orthopedst-traumatologist will review the data of diagnostic tests performed, perform functional tests and determine the indications/contraindications for replacement arthroplasty. After discussing questions with the patient, our specialist will select the appropriate type of implant.

Course of surgery

The procedure of replacement arthroplasty is a replacement of the tired joint with an artificial counterpart. During the surgery damaged fragments of cartilage and bone tissue are removed, and then replaced with the prosthesis, which repeats the anatomical structure of a natural joint.

Usually the surgery takes from a half an hour to several hours and is performed under general or spinal anesthesia.

Rehabilitation after replacement arthroplasty

After the surgery in the ECSTO walking with a full load on the operated limb is allowed on the following day, which help the patients not to lose the ability to walk independently. The recovery period and rehabilitation program after replacement arthroplasty are individual for each patient. Adherance to the instructions of the attending physician will allow you to speed up your recovery. After the surgery in our clinic you will be under the supervision of an orthopedic surgeon and a rehabilitologist, who will help you to choose the best rehabilitation treatment to relief postoperative pain and improve motion range in the operated joint.

Recovery after surgery is a very important stage in the treatment. Our clinic has a specialized Rehabilitation Department, where our specialists help patients to return to normal life as soon as possible. Rehabilitation occurs even lying in bed with the participation of instructors and special automated machine, which flexes and extends the operated limb in a given mode.

The head of ECSTO Rehabilitation Department is Dr. Alexander KORCHAGIN, PhD.

Replacement arthroplasty in moscow

In Moscow, hip, knee and shoulder replacement arthroplasty is carried out in many orthopedic centers. However, it is very important to carefully review not only cost of the surgery, but conditions and most importantly doctor's skills when choosing a clinic for replacement arthroplasty.

Replacement arthroplasty AT ECSTO

Replacement arthroplasty at the European Clinic of Sports Traumatology and Orthopedics ECSTO is performed by only the most experienced and qualified doctors who have undergone training in the best foreign clinics and orthopedic centers. Since 2009, our surgeons have conducted more than 700 replacement arthroplasty procedures.

PRICES FOR Replacement arthroplasty

The price of replacement arthroplasty varies depending on the degree of joint damage, the volume of surgical intervention (partial or complete (total) replacement arthroplasty), type and manufacturer of the prosthesis.

You can check prices for replacement arthroplasty with assistants of ECSTO Rehabilitation Department.

If You have a conclusion on the necessity of surgery obtained in other health facilities, you can contact us for free second opinion - the doctor advice you whether the surgery is really indicated, what surgical technique is better in your case, which European standards exist. If you wish a budget for surgery at European Medical Center can be calculated. 
A serious approach to the choice of the center for replacement arthroplasty is one of the keys to the success to the future surgery.

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