Reconstructive surgery of the face and neck

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Reconstructive surgery of the face and neck area helps to improve not only the aesthetic, but also the functional state of the patient who has suffered a serious illness or severe injury.

The EMC Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery performs complex operations, including those with the use of robotic surgery, as well as microsurgical autografts to fully restore bone and soft tissues of the face and return the patient to a high quality of life.

The specialists of the clinic conduct a wide range of operations:

  • nose reconstruction;

  • restoration of damaged face nerves;

  • face asymmetry correction;

  • reconstructive surgery of the outer ear;

  • elimination of birth defects.

Reconstructive operations on the face and neck are most often performed under general anesthesia. Sometimes, in especially difficult cases, reconstruction is carried out in several stages in order to achieve the best results. The decision is taken individually during the consultation with Professor K.P. Pshenisnov.

In most cases, computer modelling of the result of the operation is possible, this allows the patient to see in detail what can be done with the use of surgery.


  • Reconstructive operations of the face and neck have been carried out by professor Pshenisnov, who has over 30 years of experience in this field;

  • Professor Pshenisnov practices only the most effective technologies for the restoration of the face and neck;

  • The EMC Clinic of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is equipped with the most high-tech and high-precision equipment, which allows to carry out even the most difficult reconstructive operations;

  • The hospital has highly qualified staff available during rehabilitation and is equipped according to the highest standards;

  • The medical center has a group of specialists in more than 50 fields and is able to provide comprehensive treatment, if necessary (reconstruction after removal in the treatment of cancer or in case of infections);

  • All tests necessary for the reconstruction can be taken in EMC, thereby reducing the time of preparation for the operation;

  • The qualified specialists will not only carry out reconstruction, but can also perform plastic surgery to improve the appearance, if the patient wishes.

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