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Every contemporary way of bite alignment
Bite misalignment, except cosmetic discomfort, may cause snoring, hypertonia of muscles of mastication, osteochondrosis and digestion disorders. Inevitably, uneven teeth contribute to overpressure on the temporomandibular joint; headache may appear. That is why elimination of malocclusion should be taken care of regardless the age.
Besides, malocclusion provokes rutidosis, as well as number of issues involving face asymmetry, 'heavy jowl, hollow cheeks. Treatment of malocclusion allows to improve facial contours.
Benefits of bite alignment in EMC
  • All the means of orthodontic treatment: plates, mouth trays, trainers, braces, surgical treatment. Orthodontic designs can be manufactured of any material - metal, titan, sapphire, and ceramics.
  • Experienced doctors having background in bite issues conduct treatment.
  • There is an osteopath in EMC, who eliminates osteopathic skull disorders, improves posture, and adjusts position of temporomandibular joint.
  • Own dental laboratory is quick to deliver precise and accurate orthodontic appliances.
Methods of orthodontic treatment in EMC
  1. Invisalign aligners - removable transparent silicone trays. Unseen and imperceptible while being worn. They can be taken off to have a meal or brush teeth. In case of severe anomalies doctor may choose braces-system instead of aligners.
  2. Incognito braces system - lingual  braces, that get attached from inner side of teeth, and thus completely unseen.
  3. A removable plate - an othodontic appliance, consisting of a plastic base and metal arc. Generally, used as an intermediate treatment for children. The plate aids enlarging dental arches, straightening crooked teeth, adjusting slight bite anomalies.
  4. Myofunctional therapy (trainers, myogymnastics) - silicone appliances, helping align bite of children of a tender age.
  5. Orthognatic surgery - bite alignment with a surgery. Necessary while having complications, which cannot be solved with other means. As a rule, at first orthodontist straightens teeth with braces, after that the surgery is conducted. A combined treatment, besides bite alignment, recovers face symmetry and makes facial features.
Every way is applicable in EMC to provide orthodontic treatment. According to your wish and doctor's recommendations, we are able to fix braces made of ceramics or sapphire glass, which would resemble more of an ornament.

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