Neuromuscular dentistry

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Treatment of Disorders of Temporomandibular Joint

Bite disorders often go hand in hand with uncomfortable symptoms: 

  • an increased enamel attrition;
  • crunching and clicking noise when opening your mouth or impossibility to open/close your mouth in full; 
  • headache; 
  • pain in the cervical vertebrae or back. 

These symptoms may indicate disorders of TMJ and mastication muscles.
Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) fulfills a function of moving the jaw forward, backward and from side to side. Any malfunction of this complicated system is called TMJ disorder. Absence of medical assistance causes hypertonia of mastication muscles. Later on tension spreads out to sternocleidomastoid and trapezoid muscles, pain appears in neck, shoulders and then – all over the backbone.

Taking advantage of modern diagnostic equipment EMC dentists can define the only correct and true position of patient’s teeth and jaws. Diagnostics is carried out to the precision of a tenth of millimeter.

Consultation is comprised of examination with special-purpose equipment BioPAK. BioPAK - is a computer jaw diagnostic system aiming for evaluation of functional state of stomatognathic system. The complex represents a set of software and electronic technologies. It helps detect disorders of occlusion, TMJ, muscles of dentofacial system and determine a complete view of the system. The complex aids in finding out symmetry and synergism of work of muscles in no time.

As a result, doctor will have a full access to data about condition of TMJ and be able make a treatment plan on the day of the procedure conducted.

TMJD rehabilitation is accompanied with limitations in food intake, wearing of tension-relieving mouth guards, physiotherapeutic procedures, medication, and surgical intervention if necessary. The treatment returns in decrease of pain syndrome, expanding of functional activity of the joint and a better quality of life.

One takes a maximum effect working as a team, when specialists of all fields take part: dentist, orthodontist, osteopath, physical therapeutist.

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