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The LifeSpan Clinic is a new trend in medicine that works "ahead of the curve" and helps to identify disorders that lead to chronic diseases and premature aging. These are most often hidden inflammation and hormonal imbalances. The basic principle of LifeSpan is to identify potential health threats before problems begin.

Holistic principles and an integrated approach are at the heart of this trend. The focus is on the body's function as a whole, searching for the real causes of health problems, rather than simply detecting and treating individual symptoms. These principles are based on general practice (family medicine), where the body is seen not as a collection of separate systems, but of systems which work together.

LifeSpan provides an answer to the question of how to reduce biological age. In order to determine one's biological age, a specialist in integrated preventive and anti-aging medicine at EMC conducts specialized tests. These may include a CT scan, ultrasound, blood tests and screening for levels of hormones, vitamins and trace elements. Measuring of biological age is done using proprietary technology with a special diagnostic system, the Vascular Screening System VaSera VS-1500N from the Fukuda Denshi Co., Ltd. of Japan. Impedance testing is used to estimate body composition (fat mass and the mass of bones, organs, muscles, and water). This provides starting indices of body composition and will help to determine the metabolic age. Ultimately, an individual program is developed for health improvement or maintenance, rehabilitation and to enhance quality of life. Due to changes in lifestyle, diet and medications, the biological age is reduced, the aging process is slowed and the life expectancy is increased without chronic diseases. After a thorough metabolic and hormonal study is performed, menopause (age-related deficiency of female sex hormones) in women and andropause (age-related testosterone deficiency) in men is corrected: hormone levels rise to the level of a 25-35-year-old.

In addition to the program to manage biological age, there is a weight management program using the proprietary technology of Doctor Lobuznov.

How is LifeSpan able to get ahead of disease?

1. A different approach.

A person's life is divided into two stages: a period of complete health and a period of life where chronic disease is present. Traditional medicine has managed to increase life expectancy by extending the second: when a person already has diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and other diseases. At LifeSpan we work to increase the length of the first period. It is important to understand that a preventative approach is to contact a LifeSpan specialist before symptoms appear. However, even when chronic disease is already present, this approach anticipates standard treatment of the illness and a return to health. LifeSpan medicine is not looking for disease in the body, but rather health, which it tries to restore, preserve and enhance.

2. Different standards.

In laboratory studies there are normal ranges (reference values), which indicate that disease is present or absent in a person. Normal ranges for studies in the LifeSpan program differ significantly from the generally accepted ranges: we call them optimal ranges. Traditionally, there is a line between healthy and sick. LifeSpan categorizes patients as either completely healthy or not completely healthy. Therefore, if the indicator falls within the normal ranges, that does not mean a problem does not exist. We bring indicators not to the normal ranges found on laboratory forms, but to optimal values.

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