Dentistry for pregnant women

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Dental work while Pregnant

A mother-to-be during pregnancy should take a good care of her mouth cavity. Pregnancy period contributes to rebalance of endocrine profile and leads to decreasing of level of calcium and phosphates in blood. Acidity of mouth cavity rises resulting in an increased enamel sensitivity. Toxicosis fosters damage to enamel as well.

Tooth decay process and inflammation of gum tissues can progress during pregnancy. All of this may be the result of endocrine profile rebalancing and change of calcium metabolism. This period shows an increased necessity in calcium consuming, especially in the 6th-7th month. Progress of chronic inflammation processes is characterized as asymptomatic, but may gain aggravation and bear a negative influence on health of mother and fetus. So, one points out the importance of paying visits to a dentist, even if a mother-to-be is not bothered by dental issues at all.

One should also take into consideration sanation of oral cavity as preparation to becoming pregnant, as dental interventions are not likely to be performed in the first and third trimester. X-ray procedures are also not welcomed during pregnancy period.

Dentists recommend to pregnant women having at least three visits in order to prevent and control dental and oral cavity diseases.

The 1st visit to be taken in the 12th to 15th week, 2nd in the 16th to 25th  week and 3rd visit in the 36th to 38th week of pregnancy.

If necessary, dentists can carry out a safe and sparing treatment.

Should You have any question concerning your health and pregnancy, You can get in touch with our perinatal medical center, where all specialists are for You to help.

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