Dentistry for children

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All kinds of dental help for children

  • The best of European dentistry
  • Treatment without fear and pain, individual approach
  • Modern equipment, technologies and materials of high quality
  • Sleep dentistry
Healthy milk teeth – are basis contributing to shaping of healthy permanent teeth. So, one should take a good care of a child’s state of teeth as soon as the first tooth erupts, and pay regular visits to a pediatric dentist.
EMC draws on the best features what dentistry for children can provide. Our dental office equipped with state of the art gadgets, our dentists have the best materials and take advantage of up to date treatment and preventive techniques. Pleasure and joy follow children when they come to our clinic – as no fear and pain expect them.
However, sometimes visiting a dentist can be stressful for an infant. Least it happen, EMC offers sleep dentistry. Pediatric conscious sedation involves introduction of a safe medication that wears off quickly. The medication bears no influence on brain activity, heart, kidneys and other organs and apparatuses and perfectly fits for children undergoing treatment under anesthesia.
  • Treatment of decay cavities, pulpitis, milk teeth extraction, prosthetics; 
  • Prevention of worsening of bite anomalies, disorders of nasal breathing and jaw development;
  • Treatment of dental injuries;
  • Frenuloplasty and frenectomy (adjustment of bite development and diction disorders) ;
  • Caries prevention with sealing, individual treatment planning and picking of personal hygiene items;
  • Bite alignment (attachment of braces, transparent mouth guards, removable plates, myofunctional therapy);
  • Dental treatment under anesthesia (conscious sedation).

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