Dental Implantation

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Dental Implantation and Prosthetics in ЕМС

EMC dentists are capable of providing implantation and prosthetic work of any complexity. Including full mouth implantation and immediate loading implantation, which is accomplished by placing an implant and crown within 3-5 days.
Prosthetics revolves around a partial restoration of tooth tissue (inlays, veneers, crowns), as well as renewal of a dental arch by replacing of missing teeth (bridges and clasp dental prosthesis, implant-based prosthetic work).

Benefits of Implantation in EMC

- All the known for the moment techniques of implantation and prosthetics
- Dentists from France, Italy and Russia with a long-term experience
- Our own dental laboratory allows a prompt manufacturing of crowns, veneers and any other piece of modern prosthetic dentistry. 

Advantages of Implantation 

  • An implant design makes it easy to fix any prosthetic construction on it – a single crown, removable/non-removable dentures. This allows no involving for the neighboring teeth.
  • A brilliant aesthetic look – one makes it next to impossible to distinguish a crown from a natural tooth.
  • A sturdy fixation and fitting of a natural tooth.
  • Full restoration of mastication function – an implant takes place of a tooth root, muscles lose no tonicity.
  • Implants can last long years with a good aftercare. 

Stages of Dental Implantation

  1. Preparation stage
First of all, doctor holds a consultation to make a treatment plan, chooses implantation method and assesses an overall condition of patient’s mouth cavity. In case of other dental problems, the patient is referred to get them treated.
An important mid-stage to fulfill – is an X-ray (CBCT). The latter draws a full picture aiding to provide the final treatment plan.
  1. Surgical Stage: Implantation
There are Astra Tech and SIT implants in the inventory of EMC dentists, which properties and design are highly appreciated in the world.  
Regardless the type of implant, the whole fixation process takes 30-50 minutes. Any intervention is held under a local anesthesia.
  1. Prosthodontic Stage: Bonding of a prosthetic piece
This step is focused on fixation of prosthetics on the implant – it may consist of a single crown, removable/non-removable prosthesis. This stage can be taken 2 days or 3 months after placing an implant: it depends on the treatment plan and patient’s features.

There is no unsolvable and complicated case for our us!

A patient of 73 year old sought a dental assistance: there occurred to be multiple problems like missing and destructed teeth, poor aesthetics of other teeth.
Board of dentists was held and resulted in a profound “stage by stage” planning of treatment. Dentists took advantage of a various number of prosthodontic appliances. Missing teeth were replaced with inlays and crowns, 5 implant-based crowns were placed and veneers were chosen for the front teeth area. Regardless the many layers of work and variety of constructions and appliances used, EMC dentists restored a natural and stunning appearance of teeth.

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