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Speech-language pathologist (speech and language therapist) is a specialist dealing with development and correction of speech in patients with speech apparatus disorders who need to develop skills of attention, memory and thinking. This profession is special as it is cross-disciplinary betweenmedicine and pedagogics.

Speech disorders in children can be caused by various psychological and emotional issues, as well as factors associated with physical health disorders. Children with disabilities, speech deviations and psycho-speech development delay have a special need in timely remedial and enrichment classes that should be started from a very young age. The EMC Children’s Clinic offers classes with little patients aged 6 or 9 months and older. In addition to classes with a speech-language pathologist, there are regular consultations provided by the Clinic’s pediatric neurologists and psychiatrists; this integrated medical and pedagogical approach to work with children enables early identification and treatment of causes of speech and writing defects and their effective elimination.

You should look for the assistance of a speech and language therapist if you notice the following problems in your child:

  • Delayed speech development, incorrect pronunciation of sounds, including in children with visual and hearing disabilities;
  • Poor vocabulary, the presence of agrammatisms (the child has difficulties building and understanding sentences), the prevalence of monosyllabic answers over expanded answers to the point of complete absence of the latter;
  • Violation of the tempo of speech, stuttering;
  • Difficulty in mastering the skill of reading and writing (Dysgraphia, dyslexia, etc.);
  • Speech and learning difficulties in children with delayed mental development.

The speech and language therapist of the EMC Children’s Clinic carries out a comprehensive evaluation of your child's level of development, diagnoses oral speech and writing difficulties, develops an individual program of correction and advisory sessions for children and parents, provides recommendations to overcome the existing problems as well as comprehensive preparative training for children who are to join preschool and school educational institutions. The work with parents and educators of the child consists in providing advice on the organization and conducting of educational activities and educational games for your child, as well as assistance in mastering the necessary knowledge and skills.

The Clinic’s speech and language therapist will help your pre-school and school-age child to overcome difficulties in peer interaction, handle volatile attention and fatigue, gives actionable recommendations for maintaining capacity for work and concentration during the school day.

A timely visit to a specialist and, if necessary, joint management of the child by speech and language therapist, neuropsychologist, neurologist and family psychologist will help to overcome difficulties and prepare the child for a successful training in educational programs to develop competent interaction with pees, caregivers, teachers and, of course, with family members.

Correct and clear speech, good school performance, the ability to focus on the task at hand and just self-confidence will improve the child’s quality of life/ as well as that of their family, and will help to prevent many of the problems in adult life.


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