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A children's surgeon is a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases, malformations and developmental abnormalities of the child by surgical intervention.

Pediatric surgery can be divided into two main areas:

  • elective surgery are conducted for: treatment of diseases that cannot be eliminated by conservative methods;

  • emergency surgical interventions are necessary for treatment of inflammatory diseases, injuries, and other conditions that require immediate, emergency care.

A child's body develops very fast. Some pathological conditions requiring surgical correction are innate and are diagnosed at the maternity hospital, while others appear as the child is growing, and their development remains unnoticed by the parents. So the best pediatric surgeons of Moscow carry out planned check-ups of the toddler so as to provide early detection and elimination of developmental defects.

Along with this, there is a number of emergency situations where a child needs help which can only be provided by a pediatric surgeon. Moscow is a huge city, but sometimes it is difficult to find a highly skilled and experienced professional in it. The European Medical Center Children’s Clinic has an In-house department of Pediatric Surgery offering patients both urgent and elective surgery.

A pediatric surgeon is a doctor who often has to encounter diseases of various origin with symptoms that are similar to those of other diseases requiring surgery. The best pediatric surgeon should be cognizant of pediatrics, because precise diagnosis often requires taking into account many related factors: the age of the child, the general state of their health, conditions of development, genetic features.

A knowledgeable pediatric surgeon should also be able to communicate with the child properly. The doctors of the EMC Children's Hospital have vast experience of work with children, they can find the right approach to the child and help them overcome fear of surgery.

The best pediatric surgeon uses various methods and techniques for the diagnosis and treatment of children who need surgery. At our clinic a pediatric surgeon works in close collaboration with other specialists, which enables maximum effectiveness of treatment.

It should be noted that pediatric surgeries require special thorough preparation. The child’s anamnesis (a history of life and disease) collected by the pediatric surgeon is very important. Before each surgery our specialists have a detailed conversation with parents and relatives of the child, in order to determine what complications might occur during anesthesia or what allergic reactions are possible. If necessary, the pediatric surgeon can perform additional tests to determine consecutive health problems of the child.

Pediatric surgery has a number of distinctive characteristics associated with patients’ age: a special selection of anesthesia (lighter), the need to prevent dehydration of the child's body, minimization of the tissue damage. The best pediatric surgeon must necessarily take into account individual characteristics of the child’s body: for example, their deficit of physical development, high resistance to disease or intensive growth.

Pediatric surgery is developing rapidly these days: the quality level of anesthetic support has increased significantly, minimally invasive treatments are widely applied, laser and ultrasound have come into use, opportunities opened up by low temperatures-cryosurgery are implemented. The Department of Pediatric Surgery at the EMC Children's Clinic is equipped with all the necessary hi-tech equipment.

Emergency surgery can be carried out at any time of day or night, as the Clinic always has intensive care doctors, pediatric anesthesiologists, emergency physicians and surgeons on duty, ready to carry out emergency abdominal and chest surgery. This also includes trauma, ENT and ophthalmological surgery, removal of foreign bodies, urological and gynecological operations, which can all be carried out as both emergency and elective surgery. Both emergency and elective urological and gynecological surgeries are performed by our pediatric surgeons as well.

Pediatric emergency surgery includes the treatment of severe, rapidly progressing diseases and injuries that threaten the child’s life or may lead to acute exacerbation of health problems:

  • strangulation of inguinal hernia,

  • pening of abscesses,

  • relief of consequences of injuries;

  • removal of foreign bodies;

  • acute abdominal conditions (appendicitis, peritonitis, adhesive ileus, etc.);

  • torsion of the testicular appendix (hydatid of Morgani) etc.

Surgeons of EMC Children's Clinic will also provide qualified assistance in fractures: reposition (reset) of bones and osteosynthesis ( fixation of a bone fracture).

A pediatric surgeon’s assistance is also required in cases such as: severe bleeding, purulent inflammation, functional disorders of some organ of the body, limited or incorrect mobility of extremities.

At our clinic, the pediatric surgeon provides consultations for diseases such as:

  • omphalitis;

  • umbilical hernia;

  • hydradenitis;

  • furuncles;

  • hemangioma;

  • panaritium, etc.

Pediatric surgeries are mostly conducted by laparoscopic or thoracoscopic methods with minimal incisions (1-2 cm) and minimal tissue damage. This technology enables significant reduction of pain and of the period of recovery after surgery. Pediatric surgeries at the Department of Pediatric Surgery of the European Medical Center are conducted in accordance with generally accepted standards of international practice.

To provide the most favourable course of the post-surgery recovery period, a pediatric surgeon can give a referral to massage, prophylaxis and treatment physiotherapy procedures, therapeutic physical training.

Intensive care ward, part of the therapy within the Department of Pediatric Surgery is equipped with high-tech equipment. It has a 24-hour monitoring system; a special nurse constantly monitors the state of young patients. In case of the deterioration the pediatric surgeon will provide the necessary assistance.

In our Clinic, a child can stay in intensive care with a mother. Food is available in convenient time, and the menu itself is designed taking into account tastes of children.


Pediatric surgeon


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