Pediatric Emergency Care, House Calls

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Emergency Care at the Clinic

EMC Children’s Clinic offers round-the-clock pediatric consultations and medical care. In any situation of risk to the health of the child, you can use the service of Pediatric house calls. Doctors visit young patients 7 days a week, weekends and holidays.

The Clinic always has intensive care doctors, pediatric anesthesiologists, emergency physicians and surgeons on duty, ready to carry out emergency surgery at any time. The Clinic’s specialists respond to pediatric house calls immediately.

Emergency care of a pediatric surgeon is needed in situations, such as:

  • acute abdominal conditions (appendicitis, peritonitis, adhesive ileus, etc.);
  • strangulation of an inguinal hernia, lancing of abscesses, treatment of injuries consequences, removal of foreign bodies;
  • torsion of the testicular appendix (hydatid of Morgani) etc.

Surgeons of EMC Children's Clinic will also provide qualified assistance in case of fractures: reposition (reset) of bones and osteosynthesis (fixation of bone fragments).

There is a wide range of diagnostic equipment available at the EMC 24-hour lab, capable of carrying out express-tests for the majority of infections within the hour, which allows the doctors at the Children's Clinic to make a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

The time factor often plays a crucial role in emergency situations for maintaining the health and even the life of a child, so pediatric house calls must not be postponed indefinitely or just ignored.

Emergency Help at Home. Pediatric house calls

Sometimes, a pediatric house call is the only possible way to provide primary health care for the child without transportation to the clinic.

A pediatric call should not be postponed, in case you notice in your child: sleepiness, motor inhibition, vomiting, high body temperature, changes in skin color or problems with urination.

All the listed symptoms are immediate indications for emergency call of a pediatrician. Pediatricians of the EMC Children's Hospital will come to your house, carry out strap and flu tests, make a preliminary diagnosis and prescribe treatment. If necessary, nurses will also be sent to take blood, urine and feces samples for laboratory diagnosis. The tests findings will be sent via email as soon as possible.

After the pediatrician’s visit and emergency care rendering, further research or consultations with specialists at the Clinic may be recommended, a second appointment with the physician may be made to evaluate the effectiveness of therapy.

EMC Children’s Clinics provides pediatric house calls throughout the whole area of Moscow and the nearest suburbs (up to 50 km from Moscow Automobile Ring Road). The cars of the EMC Children's Clinic are equipped with all the necessary medications and equipment for providing emergency care. Pediatric and emergency team calls are available 24 hours a day.

Planned home visits of pediatricians

For little patients EMC Children's Clinic has introduced an additional option of planned home visits of pediatricians.

Polyclinic pediatricians also make primary home visits to the newborns in the first week of life, consult and advise on breastfeeding and newborn care and daily routines. A planned pediatric home visit for preventive medical examination of infants under the age of two months in part of one of our programs for annual outpatient service- "My baby".

The advantages of planned pediatric home visits include the fact that it is much easier for a newborn to undergo the procedure at home. Moreover, a pediatric home visit precludes the possibility of infection transfer from other children to yours, that cannot be completely eliminated prevented in case of visiting clinics.

Planned pediatric home visit enables you to prevent the development of many diseases thanks to early diagnosis, which increases the likelihood of rapid recovery a great deal.

More information about annual service, including planned pediatric home visits for newborn infants is available in the section "Annual health care programs".

It should be noted that the service “Pediatric house calls” does not include examinations by specialists or vaccinations. These procedures are only carried out at the Clinic.


Карян Гоар Левоновна
pediatrician, gastroenterologist
PhD in Medicine


AKIMOVA Svetlana
Карян Гоар Левоновна
pediatrician, gastroenterologist. PhD in Medicine

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