Aesthetic dentistry

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Get an irresistible smile

All the modern technologies are at your disposal in EMC if you consider a smile makeover. We have been helping our patients to obtain a smile of your dream.

Cosmetic dental restoration 

  • Restoration of a tooth shape destructed by caries
  • Change of tooth color
  • Chipped tooth bonding
  • Aesthetic correction of a dental arch
  • Reshaping of chewing teeth
- A quick result in as few as one or two dental appointments
- Quality to last years: latest materials and technical skills of dentists


Veneers — are ceramic shells affixed to the front tooth side. They can last up to 20 years when bonded by a skilled dentist. A wide color range allows picking a tone you desire, and have a natural look.
EMC dental Clinic is one of the first in Russia to have started dealing with veneers. Our dentists have many years of expertise and a thousand examples of successful work.

Bite Alignment

Bite misalignment may cause snoring, hypertonia of muscles of mastication, posture disorders, clicks and pain in temporomandibular joint. That is why elimination of malocclusion should be taken care of regardless the age.
 Besides, malocclusion provokes rutidosis, as well as number of issues involving face asymmetry, 'heavy jowl’ and hollow cheeks. Treatment of malocclusion allows improving facial contours.
- Invisalign aligners, the USA - removable transparent silicone trays. Unseen and offering a decent comfort of usage. They can be taken off to have a meal or brush teeth.
- Incognito braces system - lingual braces that get attached from inner side of teeth, and thus completely unnoticeable.

Teeth whitening

Zoom 4 - is an American bleaching complex offering to make teeth 8-12 tones brighter. Among all the existing means of teeth whitening, this one implies to be one of the most smooth and effective.
 - A perfect result within an appointment
- A safe bleaching gel
- Capability to keep Zoom 4 whitening effect with professional home whitening mouth guards
Cell recovery of gum tissues
Restoration and strengthening of gum tissues with own cells - fibroblasts - is an innovative personalized cell technology. It offers to give an exceptional outcome in treatment of periodontitis, gingivitis, gum recession and many more conditions of parodentium.

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