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The EMC Aesthetic Clinic chooses beauty technologies that are ideal for those, who value their time and are trying to match their appearance to their status and quality of life. Our patients value the potential for rejuvenation using thermolifting. We have always had our own approach to this procedure.

For a long time, the best procedure for treating cellulite and excess fat was a method known as cavitation: the ultrasound waves causes the fat to move from cells into the interstitial space, where it is removed via the lymphatic system. RF lifting and cavitation have some similarities, but in terms of effectiveness, the RF lifting procedure has a greater effect.

The EMC AESTHETIC CLINIC was one of the first in Moscow to obtain a device for RF lifting a few years ago - radiowave lifting for the face and body. Today, the devices for aesthetic medicine can be compared to the technology developed by NASA for spacecraft, and that is no exaggeration. Nobody is any longer impressed by a beauty machine that emits only one type of energy and only according to the one standard (initially Thermage). This is why the EMC, prefer the multifunctional system TriActive Plus at this stage, which combines three powerful energy types: radio, laser and ultrasound. Together with a flexible control system, this provides boundless opportunities for cosmetologists to use in their work.

The EMC Aesthetic Clinic has accumulated extensive in-house experience of RF-lifting for the face and body, as well as evaluating external results to determine optimal treatment schemes. The specialists’ skills ensure that the technology is working as best as it can, with positive results seen after just one treatment, and with no recovery period, which is so important for today's successful people.

Thermal lifting, also called “Thermage” by patients, has become a hit procedure a long time ago. It allows significant facial rejuvenation to be achieved in the shortest possible time, with the effects maintained for several years.

RF lifting for the body allows you to tighten the weakened skin and eliminate cellulite, and this is guaranteed to be effective for years to come.

Beauty Technologies and Innovations

TriActive Plus, unlike its predecessors and counterparts, distributes radiowaves not through all the skin and tissue layers, but only at the level where collagen is located. Thus, there is no useless overload of the body. During the RF lifting procedure, the dermis is gently heated, causing the age-related stretched and damaged collagen fibers to curl up again and reorganize, returning to their “younger” condition. The facial contours are tightened, wrinkles are smoothed out, and the “signs of tiredness” are removed. People around you will think that you are young, full of energy, and look great at any time and in any situation.

TriActive Plus is ideal for skin toning and cellulite elimination, using the bipolar RF (Radio Frequency) together with vacuum massage. The radiofrequency energy breaks down fatty capsules, smoothes and tightens the skin by the synthesis of new collagen, and the vacuum draws out intercellular fluid and stimulates the regenerative processes. The latest model handpieces allow more even distribution of heat and the use of high power settings, making the results most pronounced.

TriActive Plus has one other advantage - laser lymphatic drainage. This is the third benefit of the beautification process, which awakens all the dermal components to new life, stimulating the natural processes of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production. Laser drainage frees up space in the dermis, eliminating stagnant edematous formations, cellulite unevenness and lipid deposits. This procedure is ideal as a finishing touch to RF-lifting for the face and body. It is also essential for patients before or after plastic surgery, because it speeds up the activity of several body systems and the healing process.

There are certain contraindications to RF-lifting. Radiofrequency rejuvenation cannot be carried out if the patient or operator are pregnant. RF-lifting is also contraindicated if a patient has metal prostheses or a pacemaker in the area to be treated. On the whole, there are few contraindications to RF-lifting, and the doctor will make sure that you do not have any of the conditions on this short, but important, list.

TriActive Plus — the three graces of pure beauty.

Indications and Selection

If you want to always look young and fresh, regardless of your age. If you are not yet considering the possibility of a surgical facelift. If you would prefer a single cosmetic procedure that can be done quickly and unnoticeably, but would make you look several years younger, with long term results, then facial RF-lifting is for you.

If you want to tighten up the skin on your body, so that it feels smooth and firm, just like in your youth. Sculpted buttocks, taut hips, a smooth decolletage, firm skin on your hands, and a flat stomach, can all be simply achieved using a very comfortable procedure. In fact, the effect of RF-lifting is comparable to the effect of body supporting and shaping underwear. But in this case you will be able to wear any clothes that you want over your naked body.

If you want to get back your old figure and skin firmness after rapid weight loss or childbirth - in the shortest possible time and without surgery. There is no need to wear yourself out with methods that have little effect, when thermal lifting + vacuum + laser drainage will solve the problem in the shortest possible time.

If you are preparing for or have had plastic surgery and you want to consolidate and improve the results. You want to erase any traces of the intervention, and accelerate tissue regeneration. Thermal lifting combined with the additional energies of TriActive Plus will prolong the results of successful plastic surgery by several years.

RF-lifting is, without a doubt, a victory of aesthetic medicine over the passage of time. The care of EMC Aesthetic Clinic’s experienced cosmetologists for the youth and beauty of their patients is the daily proof of this fact.

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Super friendly, very professional flew from London where was hard to get an appointment was seen and consulted in 15 min have been in treatment for 3 months incredibly happy with results.

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